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Welcome to the Champions of Endor! We are a mixed medium-heavy RP kin based on Windfola.


The elf looked up at her lord, rising to meet him. She wondered if he would blame her, even as she did herself, for the injuries of her comrade. He said nothing, merely motioning for her to walk beside him, and so they continued on to the other end of the healing wing in silence. She followed him out to the porch of the talan, pausing a moment to glance up at the stars twinkling through the tree branches, before turning her attention to her lord once more.

"You have a good heart, Rinfea," he said quietly.

She nodded, almost afraid to hear what he would say next.

"Likewise, you are capable with the bow." He held up his hand, as though he could read her thoughts. "Nay, do not argue. What happened to Rúmil was not your fault. Indeed, he has you to thank for surviving. Still, it is your courage that causes me to commend you for the task appointed. The Lady has seen the shadow in the East growing every day. You must send word to Lord Elrond in Imladris, and go on to warn the Dúnedain that yet roam the North. Go, and muster whom you may, for I fear the arm of the Enemy is reaching ever further, and we cannot long rest idly by in peace."

Rinfea nodded again. "I will leave at dawn, heruamin."

Celeborn smiled softly. "Vanya sulie, Rinfea. Bado go Eru."

She did not wait any longer, slipping back into the night to ready for her journey.


Half of an MMO is the RPG part... and with a heavier emphasis on raiding than roleplay on Windfola, we decided that a last alliance of sorts between all the races would be better than folks from only Mirkwood, or only Rohan, etc. The reach of Sauron is continually growing, and it is the responsibility of all the Free Peoples to hold him at bay, striking back whenever and however they can. Unite under one banner, and join the fight against Mordor as a champion of Middle-Earth today!
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Rinfea, Apr 24, 11 3:33 PM.
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